Disclaimer: Individual articles written by persons whose names appear under their titles are posted here for the sole reason that they incidentally express, articulate and resemble the convictions of the BTRC and does not necessarily mean wholesale endorsement of the persons, their theology or church affiliations.


Sovereign Grace  

What It Means To Be Reformed

Sovereign or "Superior" Grace?

Reformation or Revival: What Does The Church Need?

TULIP or The Five Points of Calvinism  [ Tagalog Version ]

Are You An Arminian? (A Test)

Pebbles For Arminians To Chew

Does John 3:16 Teach That God Loves All Men?

How We Evangelize  [ Tagalog Version ]

Tolerant Calvinism

Introduction To Arguments Against Arminiansm [And Against Those Who Tolerate And Defend This False Gospel]


Church History 

The Participation of John Calvin in the Burning of Michael Servetus

The Martyrdom of Guido de Bres

A Reformation Martyr Comforts His Wife

Lady Jane Grey: Nine Day Queen of England (A Book Review)



Musical Instruments In The Public Worship of God

Musical Instruments and The Psalms [An Excerpt]

A Special Exegesis of Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16

Why We Don't Speak In Tongues

True Worship

How Do I Choose A Church?


Tracts in Tagalog 

Si John Wesley at ang mga Metodista (John Wesley and the Methodists)

Nasa Langit Ba Si Pope John Paul II? (Is Pope John Paul II In Heaven?)

Si Mohammed at ang Islam (Mohammed and Islam)

Si Eli Soriano at ang Kilusang 'Ang Dating Daan' (ADD) (Eli Soriano and "The Old Path" Movement)

Si Felix Manalo at ang "Iglesia ni Cristo" (INC) (Felix Manalo and the "Church of Christ")

Si Charles Taze Russel at ang mga Saksi ni Jehovah (Charles Taze Russel and the Jehovah’s Witnesses)

Si Joseph Smith at ang mga Mormon (Joseph Smith and the Mormons)

Ang Tunay na Kasaysayan ng Pentecostalismo (The True History of Pentecostalism)

Si Ellen G. White at ang mga ‘Sabadista’ (Ellen G. White and the Seventh Day Adventists)



Billy Talks To His Pastor About God  Tagalog Version ]



A Debate with an Atheist

BTRC Correspondence with a Reforming Ex-Pentecostal Filipino Pastor Involving the Protestant Reformed Churches in America

BTRC Correspondence with a Pastor of Bread From Heaven Assemblies (Christian Reformed Church in the Philippines)

An E-mail Inquiry on the Doctrine of Preservation

BTRC Correspondence with Outside The Camp

A Short Correspondence with Marc Carpenter

BTRC Correspondence with a Preterist/Postmillennialist


The Bastion of Truth

A newsletter/journal published in Filipino (Tagalog dialect) as a ministry of the denomination of Bastion of Truth Reformed Churches in the Philippines. It is primarily a means of instruction as well as a medium to proclaim and explain the convictions of the BTRC concerning the Gospel of God's sovereign particular grace in salvation.